Supply Chain Management | Movers

Managing a large supply chain network can be hectic for a company who’s core business is not logistic management.

Vouch Logistic and Procurement Services aims to provide professional solutions to clients in the area of supplies services in various sectors of industries.

Vouch Logistics provides

  • Supply chain management
  • Logistic movers

Within and outside Accra especially Takoradi and Kumasi

  • Procurement solutions


Our services include specialized solutions such as overseeing the delivery of delicate merchandise, for example products that require controlled temperature; from manufacturers through airport inspections and customs until it reaches the local client.

We offer a complete package right from administrative services to delivery of your goods at your doorstep. We do these with utmost cost effective procedures to ensure clients get value for their money and to their specified requirement. Our logistics operation covers all sectors of business and is tailored to your specific need.

Vouch Logistics aspires to deliver reliable services to its clients in a timely manner without compromising on the quality its brand stands for.